The Villages in the Tiroler Lechtal

The Tirolean Lechtal valley stretches from Forchach to Steeg. Between these two villages is a landscape, which is unique in Central Europe. A perfect area for holidays and forgetting the worries of everyday life. >Order brochures 

The Lech river gave the valley its name and is the second largest river in the Tirol. It source is in the province of Vorarlberg on the Arlberg. In Lechleiten, a small hamlet of the municipality of Steeg, it enters Tirolean soil at an altitude of 1,270m. Some 65 kilometres downstream it leaves Tirol and continues towards the Danube.

The Lech river has a length of 264 kilometres. Experts agree that the most beautiful section of the river is between Steeg and Forchach, in the Lechtal valley. Along this section the Lech river has a wild river character and features extensive gravel banks and areas with colluvial deposits.  Because of the pristine naturalness of the Lech river, it was put under a protective order. Initially the Lechtal valley became a Natura 2000 area, later on it was additionally declared a nature park

Tiroler Lech Nature Park

The most natural landscapes the Alps have to offer.


An oasis of peace... our fast-moving times

It is not only the Lech river which makes this valley so special. The many small side valleys – in all but one of which there are people living all through the year – make the valley unique too. The Lechtal valley got its shape from majestic glaciers, which have created an impressive U-shaped valley. Many sections are difficult to get to, even today. And this is good, because this is exactly the reason why the valley has managed to preserve so much of its pristineness.

It is this mixture of pristine nature, peace and touristic infrastructure that is appreciated by all. And the hospitality you will encounter in the Lechtal valley.  The leisure time offer in the Lechtal is also based on “gentle” tourism. There are no big ski resorts in the valley. There are small lifts, which are especially suitable for families and beginners. Expert skiers find an alternative in the nearby big ski resort of Warth.

The Lechtal is a paradise for all who love cross-country skiing and winter hiking. In the summer numerous winter hiking trails lead through the Lechtal mountains and 48 mountain huts invite to enjoy a break. 148km of perfectly groomed running and walking routes cater to all your needs and the Lechtal cycle ways introduce you to the most beautiful spots of this region.