Around the Last Wild River

Winter and snowshoe hikers as well as ski mountaineers find now perfect conditions for contemplative hikes through the unspoilt natural landscape of the region. The Lech river is always in the centre of all excursions and you can enjoy relaxing winter days off the beaten tracks of skiing tourism. On altogether 34 winter routes you can hike approx. 132 kilometres. The hikes bring you to the most beautiful destinations of the nature park region and invite to experience the wild river and the majestic mountains up close. You can expect cultural and scenic gems and the impressive landscape along the shores of Europe’s last wild river, which you can get to know on winter hikes.

Long panorama trails lead to power spots offering great views, such as the altitude settlement of Bircheltsgump in the quaint Bockbachtal, from where you can enjoy a view of the Hochalptal and the Krabachtal. You can also get to the quaint, small huts on the Bernhardseck, which are located at an altitude of more than 1,800m and which can be only reached by foot or mountaineering skis.