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Lechtal Tourismus - Christoph Moosbrugger

Time-out villages

The Lechtal Time Out Villages

The four communities of Gramais, Hinterhornbach, Pfafflar and Kaisers are idyllically situated in the side valleys of the Tyrolean Lechtal. Away from busy main roads, hotels and ski lifts, these villages are nestled in the breathtaking mountain landscape of the Lechtal and Allgäu Alps. This unique location makes them the most sought-after places of longing and retreat for a vacation in the Tyrolean Lech Valley.

Loopholes for the soul

Summer in the Lech Valley - Lechtaler Auszeitdörfer Kaisers cloudy

Mountain meadows in Kaisers

Unspoiled cultural landscape

Here you can experience the untouched cultural landscape of the Alps in its original form. The time-out villages offer you peace and balance, an impressive starry sky that invites you to dream, as well as direct contact with nature for a relaxing stay.

Summer in the Lechtal - Lechtaler Auszeitdörfer View into the fire
Regional products

In the cozy inns of the mountain villages you can indulge in culinary delights. They cook with local, regional and seasonal products and conjure up wonderfully tasty dishes of Tyrolean cuisine. Tyrolean meat specialties, cheese from the surrounding mountain pastures, vegetables from our own gardens and herbs from the Lechtal herb witches are on the menus.

Summer in the Lechtal - Lechtaler Auszeitdörfer Idyll on alpine meadow
Realize yourself.

In the time-out villages of the Lech Valley, nature sets the rhythm. Here, young visionaries use the free space to realize their dreams. Together they take on responsibility and tasks in the communities and learn how to deal with the challenges. In doing so, they enjoy the space and protection offered by the community of these mountain villages.


Loopholes for the soul

The power tank.

The power places in the Lechtal time-out villages allow you to feel this unique energy. The design of the five places was done exclusively with natural materials from the surroundings such as larch wood and natural stone. The design is based on the principles of Kneipp's health teachings. Here you can pause, take a deep breath and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the surrounding peaks.

Summer in the Lechtal - Lechtaler Auszeitdörfer Plötzigbach
There is salvation in water.

The side valley streams Otterbach in Gramais, Hornbach in Hinterhornbach, Streimbach in Pfafflar as well as Kaiserbach in Kaisers are the lifelines of the last wild one and make it what it has been for centuries: a source of strength and life for an entire region. They feed the great Lech in the valley with the clear melt water of the mountains and thus shape its incomparable wild river character.

In addition, side valley streams are also suitable for a "wild" Kneipp cure. Without artificial Kneipp and treading pools, you have the opportunity to refresh yourself naturally with fresh spring water from our mountain streams and strengthen your immune system in the process. Sometimes less is simply more. The water doctor Kneipp already knew that. The Lechtaler Auszeitdörfer use this motto and you will notice that it is completely sufficient to concentrate on the essentials.

Power through movement.

In winter, panoramic tours through the snow-covered mountains entice you, either on touring skis, snowshoes or on foot. In summer, it is the lush green tones of the alpine meadows that delight the eye and arouse wanderlust.

You can get up with the first rays of sunshine, go on an extensive mountain tour or simply walk to our power places and start the day with new energy. The Lechtaler Auszeitdörfer invite you to be active and consciously perceive nature with every breath. Find yourself again and let yourself fall. Here, nature sets the pace.

The Lechtal Time Out Villages

Lechtal Time Out Villages Magazine
The four communities of Gramais, Hinterhornbach, Pfaffl ar and Kaisers are located in the side valleys of the Tyrolean Lechtal. Far away from the main roads, hotel and lift facilities, the villages are embedded in the mountain landscape of the Lechtal and Allgäu Alps. This special location makes them places of longing and retreat. In their surroundings you can still experience the cultural landscape of the Alps in its original form. Here you will find peace and relaxation, a starry sky that invites you to dream, healthy sleep and a direct line to nature.