The Lechtal Villages for a Break

Kaisers, Gramais, Pfafflar and Hinterhornbach

Small villages with high recreational value. The municipalities of the side valleys of the Lechtal are real gems.

Gramais, the smallest municipality of Austria, has 68 inhabitants. Only a couple more live in Hinterhornbach, Pfafflar and Kaisers, the tiny municipalities of the Lechtal, where time seems to have stopped.

It is in vain to look out for lifts, pistes and hotels: The infrastructure is basic. There are only few cars and buses, in the winter months even less than in the summer. Still the four villages are among the nostalgic places we are longing for in the world of today. Because these Lechtal municipalities have managed to preserve their original mountain village character. 

Loopholes for the Soul


The romantic mountain village of Gramais with its only 68 inhabitants is the smallest municipality of Austria. 

It is hard to believe that this pretty municipality is home to five mountain lakes. A mountain tour to get there is quite rewarding.


The village of Kaiser is located at an altitude of 1,552 metres
and is the highest-located municipality of the Außerfern area.
Moreover, Kaisers is only a stone throw from the famous Arlberg ski area.


Old smugglers’ trails and one 
of the most famous mountains of the Allgäu Alps, the Hochvogel …
...are reason enough to visit the snug village at the wild Hornbach brook. 
We are looking forward to welcoming you.


Bschlabs, Boden and the summer settlement of Pfafflar are located in the heart of the Lechtal. 

Pfafflar is especially worthwhile, since the summer settlement is one of the oldest high-altitude settlements in Tirol.


Time for Me, Time for You

Time for Us

At the foot of the Hochvogels, at the very back of the Hornbachtal valley, lies Hinterhornbach. Just like the mountain villages of Gramais, Kaisers and Pfafflar, it is located off the main Lechtal road and promises peaceful and relaxing days in the mountains. Plenty of fresh air, lush mountain meadows, dense forests and alpine flair mark a stay in the snug villages there. Take a break and enjoy!

If you get there on your own, you can find to yourself again and recharge. In the winter panorama tours through the snow-covered mountains, either on touring skis, snowshoes or by foot await you. In the summer the lush shades of green of the pastures are a treat for sore eyes and evoke the desire to undertake hikes. Get up with the first sunrays, walk to places of energy and recharge! In our snug, small villages you can unwind, nature sets the pace.

Hike along lonely paths to the surrounding pasture huts and discover local culinary delights. Meat, sausages and cold meat processed in our restaurants come directly from the region and the cheese and milk products are from local farms and dairies. We cook with all nature offers. Fresh herbs of Tirolean herbalists add spice to venison and summer BBQs, as well as Törgellen (wine, chestnuts, sauerkraut, sausages, dumplings…) meals in autumn and every mountain breakfast.

Our spring water has a special significance, not only for the preparation of our dishes. Fresh water from the Lechtal can be enjoyed in the whole valley from the tab. The tributaries of the Lech river are important in that respect. The Otterbach brook in Gramais, the Hornbach brook in Hinterhornbach, the Streimbach brook in Pfafflar and the Kaiserbach brook in Kaiser are the lifelines of the last wild river and make it to what it has been for centuries: the energy and life source of the whole region.

There are different ways to explore the magic of the Tiroler Lech Nature Park for families. Spend some relaxing days in our snug mountain villages with your family. Enjoy tobogganing, snowshoeing and ski mountaineering in the winter and swimming, hiking, geocaching, BBQs and exploring the many nature trails in the summer – no one will get bored here.

Recreation in a little world of its own
If you are looking for peace and have had enough of the chaos. If you want to reopen your eyes to the treasures of nature. If you’ve got enough of the big and are looking  for the small, then the remote villages of the Lechtal are the right choice for you.

By bike
into the Lechtal’s remote villages

No bike with you?

No problem – here you can find the latest models…

By bus into the
Lechtal’s remote villages

From one place to the next at a relaxed pace.

Health Tourism

Development of the nature-based health tourism along the Lech river