Jausenstation Drexel 1,225m



The Jausenstation Drexel at an altitude of 1,225m is located in the hamlet of Ebene and can be easily reached from Steeg by foot, with touring skis or snowshoes. The serviced pasture hut with annexed farm is a popular destination for winter hikers, since one enjoys an unrestricted view of the local mountain, the majestic Pimig, from the sunny upland plateau. Besides of the quaint, wood-panelled parlour with cosy tiled stove, it is also the fact that the meat for the prime boiled beef comes from their own cattle that makes the hut such a popular hiking destination. They spend their summers on the nearby Bochbachalm and enjoy a great variety of pasture herbs and crystal-clear mountain spring water. 

20 Dec. 2016 – 24 Apr. 2017
Closed on Tuesdays

Dietmar and Angelika Drexel
Mobile: +43 664 4979 131
E-Mail: jausenstation.drexel@lechtalnet.at




The meat for prime-boiled beef (German: Tafelspitz) comes from the narrowing back part before the tail of the cattle. For the traditional Austrian dish of the same name exactly this especially tender filet, which is covered by fine fat tissue, is boiled in broth and served with roast potatoes, spinach and horseradish cream. Another classic on the menu of the Jausenstation Drexel is the juicy beef goulash.


The Jausenstation Drexel can also be conveniently reached by car.