Lechi, the Gnome

the little nature spirit from the Lechtal

Quite a few mythical creatures are up to mischief deep in the thicket of the Lechtal forests, on ancient pasture

grounds and high up on the summits. Spirits and haunted souls have frightened hikers and annoyed shepherds.
Up there they still apologize for their dishonest way of living.

Quite different our sympathetic nature spirit LECHI. He accompanies our youngest guests on their exploration journeys in the Lechtal. He gives precious TIPS for the leisure time programme, helps to find one’s way in the region and informs on the correct behaviour in nature, in particular in the nature park.

His home is of course the LECH river – there he suns on gravel banks, strolls through the floodplains and makes sure that sufficient rock cairns watch out for the river. So watch out too: One of the numerous rock cairns probably was built by LECHI, the gnome – who knows?


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