Rock Climbing in the Lechtal

The Lechtal is a perfect region for hiking. But not only hiking can be pursued in the mountains. More and more people appreciate the sport of rock climbing. Some find it dizzying, others find it relaxing and a great possibility for relieving stress.

In the Lechtal one finds easy climbing routes for beginners, but also routes for advanced climbers, which demand highest levels of concentration and good climbing skills. Professional guides are happy to support you with word and deed!

Via Ferratas & Climbing Crags

Climbing Crag

In the area of the Wolfsebenerspitze summit (2,433m – near the Hermann -v. -Barth-Hütte) numerous climbing routes at a difficulty of I to VII await you. The Hermmann-von-Barth-Hütte is known as starting point for several climbing tours and routes.

Contact mountain guide Florian Kerber for more information.
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Climbing Rock Face

Taster climbing in Kraichen near Bach

  • limestone climbing without long hikes to get there
  • redeveloped by Florian and Manuel Kerber
  • perfect for beginners
Lechleiten Climbing Crag

Schroffenwies natural climbing crag near Lechleiten

Difficulty levels IV to VIII

Contact mountain guide Manuel Kerber for more information. 
Tel.: +43 (0)664 5314539