Rafting & Canyoning on the Lech

No place for hydrophobics...

A rafting tour on the Lech river is a special experience. In all of Europe you won't find a river such as the Lech. The main river of the region can be explored in different ways. One of the most interesting options is also the most obvious one: Take a boat and float and paddle downstream. Rafting is the specialist term for this activity. The Lech offers perfect conditions for this trendy leisure time activity. 

Experienced coxswains ensure that the “crew” gets safely to their destination. Before the start of a ride, the participants are equipped with protective suits, helmets and swimming vests. By the way, also children can enjoy a rafting tour on the Lech. 

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Canyoning & Rafting - Nature Adventure

We offer guided canyoning, rafting and mountain bike tours in the Lechtal Nature Park.

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... professional Whitewater Rafting since 1986!

Clemens Friedle
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