Mountain Biking in the Lechtal

Enjoy bicycle touring in the Lechtal nature park region

Athletically challenging uphill climbs to pastures and huts in the region or convenient rides along the Lech river towards the Danube from one little village to the next: The Lechtal nature park region can not only be explored by foot, but also on two wheels. There is plenty to see either way!

On altogether 27 cycling routes stretching over approx. 150 kilometres, the Lech cycle path not even included, fantastic panorama trails, demanding mountain bike routes and pasture tours offering great views and leading through an unspoilt natural landscape await you. Both groups of riders, experienced mountain bikers and leisure cyclists, get their money’s worth, since the Lechtal offers routes at all levels of  difficulty!


Pastures, Mountains & the Lech River

The most beautiful side of the nature park region

The cycling tours to the Bodenalm and the Stablalm in the Lechtal, but also to the Petersbergalm, one of the last dairy pastures in the Lechtal, or the Bernhardsechütte offering a unique panoramic view, are among the most popular cycling routes in the region. The nature park region presents itself varied and exciting. If you want to experience the pristine side of the region, it is recommended to undertake mountain bike tours into the side-valleys of the Lechtal. In the Krabachtal, the Bockbacktal and the Madautal time seems to stand still. Nowhere else  is the Lechtal as pristine and wild. 

On some of our numerous tours you are accompanied by the Lech river, at times you can only feel its influence and see it from far above. Many trails lead deep into the forests of the Lechtal and Allgäu Alps, to mystical power spots of nature. Far from civilisation, there is only you and your bike.

16 tours in the Lechtal lead to mountain and pasture huts. Here too: There are tours for all levels of difficulty, from easy to challenging. Since some of the destinations keep cattle, you can not only expect regional delights, but also a glass of fresh milk, buttermilk or whey.

By foot it takes almost a day to get there, but by bike only a couple of hours. This way you can experience the region to the full. The extensive signposting of all MTB-routes in the Lechtal nature park region ensures that you won’t get lost. The modern network of tails has been developed based on the Tirol 2.0 mountain bike model.

Professional guides accompany you on numerous exploration journeys through the region. At the integrated riding technique course you get important tips for the right braking, steering, obstacle conquering, uphill and downhill technique and get to know balance exercises and bike control.

Explore & Experience Nature on two Wheels