The Lechtal Lift

A convenient ride with the Jöchelspitze double chairlift to the mountain station at an altitude of 1,800m is great fun for the young and old. Enjoy the fantastic view of the valley and decide for one of the many hiking destinations that can be reached from there.

Enjoy and salute to the mountains! The probably most beautiful loop hike in the Allgäu Alps stretches from the Jöchelspitze mountain guesthouse (1,800m) past the Lachenkopf to the Bernhardseck-Hütte along Lechtal panorama trail (approx. 3 hours) and along the Alpenrosensteig path back (approx. 2 hours). It is also possible to descend via the Gibler Alm and the Kasermandl to Elbigenalp and past Klapf directly to the car park of the  Lechtal lift.

Moreover you can get to the following huts from the mountain guesthouse: Roßgumpenalm, Cafe Uta, Kemptner- and Hermann von Barth-Hütte – the last two are insiders’ tips – few people, but beautiful hikes in impressive scenery.