Wood Craft in the Lechtal

Wood carving has a long tradition in the Lechtal

Craftsmanship and love for arts are combined in a unique way.

Some think wood is simply wood. But from a simple chunk of wood, extraordinary things can emerge. Craftsmanship, a feeling for forms and the love for arts are a precondition for breathing new life into a chunk of wood. 

In particular in the Lechtal valley, wood carving is seen as combination of arts and crafts. Numerous carving studio demonstrate this. The wood carvers in the Lechtal produce sacral wood carving work as well as modern sculptures – sometimes with natural finish, sometimes elaborately painted or even gilded.

Quite often it happens that someone is inspired at the sight of these sculptures. In the valley many wood carving courses are offered. Numerous studios offer the possibility to get an insight into their work, in particular worthwhile is visiting one of the two carving schools in Elbigenalp.

The drawing school founded by Johann Anton Falger in 1830 is regarded as precursor of today’s private wood carving school with public school status. Already the “Geierwally”, Anna Stainer-Knittel received tuition there. Today different artistic skilled trades are taught at the school with boarding school. Besides of sculpture, the vocation of painter, gilder or script designer can be learned. During the summer holidays wood carving courses for beginners and advanced amateur artists are offered. In the show room of the school the most beautiful pieces made by the pupils are displayed.

Sculpturing also has a long tradition in the Geisler-Moroder family. For more than 400 years creativity and the love for arts has been handed down from one generation to the next. The Geisler-Moroder Sculpture School  has been existing in its present form for already 25 years. The traditional business is also a private school and offers a wide spectrum of different continuing education courses. Besides of the popular wood carving and sculpture courses, also wood-creative camps and wood carving courses for children are offered. There are only few participants in a course, so that there is plenty of time for the individual participants. People from all over the world and of all ages attend the courses. You too are very welcome!

Spend some fantastic holidays in an inspiring natural landscape and combine it with creative work and phantasy.