The Geierwally - Emergence of the Legend

The daughter of a gunsmith, Anna Stainer-Knittel, was born on 28 July 1841 in Elbigenalp. Already in her childhood her extraordinary talent for drawing was noticed and so she was taught by the “father of the Lechtal”, Johann Anton Falger, in his school of drawing. 

When at the age of 17 years she removed an eagle’s nest from the Saxer’gewänd rock face in the Alperschontal valley and also dared to study arts at Academy of Arts in Munich, which wasn’t accessible to women at that time, she entered the history books on the Lechtal. In a time when women had only little or limited possibilities to express themselves, the stubborn “Nanno” often manged to have her own way. Her life also inspired Wilhelmine von Hillern to write the novel called “Die Geierwally”. 

The writer called her hero “Wally” and gave her an eagle as companion. She also transferred the story into the Ötztal valley. In the following years several films were made based on the story of the Geierwally and the Geierwally myth was born. It is thus not surprising that the theatre stage got its name from the painter Anna Stainer-Knittel.

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