How to get to the Botanical Gardens

The easiest way to get to this fantastic area with or without car starts at the parish church, from where an asphalt covered road leads westwards, upstream the Lech and past the hamlet of Kraichen to the base station of the Lechtal Jöchelspitzbahn lift. 

Once there you can already see a colourful blanket of wild flowers along the mountain forest. You can now either get uphill by following the forestry trail or by taking the chairlift.

With the increasing altitude the flowers on the clearings of the mountain forest change from meadow flowers to alpine flowers. Mountain bell flowers, monkshood, foxglove and different early purple orchids are harbingers of the wealth and glory of the flowers to come, which almost suddenly is displayed in the meadows of the subalpine level above the upper forest line.

The slightly rising trail leads right through the actual realm of the alpine flowers on top of the Lachenkopf. In this section the already glorious wealth of flowers considerably increases in variety. Wherever you look, there are beautiful alpine flowers. Among them the cat’s ear, the oxeye, the oxeye daisy, the light blue geranium,  the anthyllis, the helmet-shaped monk’s-hood and of course the white alpine pasqueflowers, which stand out from the rest of the sea of blossom. 

And that is not even all, since in the summit regions this exceptional botanical beauty peaks. Meadows, slopes and rock formations are decorated by alpine flowers in all shapes and colours. Exotically looking Turk’s cap lilies, charming spring pasqueflowers, beautiful examples of the mountain houseleek, a respectable stock of the yellow pulsatilla alpine, alpine leek, majestic yellow bellflowers and lovely wild pink carnations are only some of the flowering beauties representing their families at this alpine altitude.

Informative panels offer worthwhile and interesting information on the local flora and can be found all along the botanical theme trail. Having reached the overgrown ridge, the hiking trails turns north-westwards and continues – lined by blooming flowers – to the Jöchelspitze summit. Eventually you can enjoy a break and a breath-taking panoramic view of the fantastic mountain scenery of the surrounding Allgäu and Lechtal Alps.