The Botanical Gardens

Unique alpine flora – in the heart of the Allgäu Alps

Truly a botanical paradise, in which numerous flowering plants decorate the mountain on all altitudes in a gorgeously beautiful way and impressively represent the diversity of forms.

The area around the 2,226-metres high Jöchelspitze has a special geological character. Despite being located in the limestone mountains, also layers of loam, clay and shale considerably mark the landscape and the general flora. Favourable concurrence of decisive environmental factors, the sunny location of the vegetated surfaces and the warm rain from the maritime air masses are the preconditions for the existence of an exceptional glory of plants. The easiest way to get to this fantastic area with or without car starts at the parish church, from where an asphalt covered road leads westwards, upstream the Lech and past the hamlet of Kraichen to the base station of the Jöchelspitzbahn lift.