Lechtal Mountain Hay Museum

The Lechtal Mountain Hay Museum at the Jöchelspitze is a unique contribution to Tirolean tradition and local customs. 

The museum presents its visitors the pristine Lechtal valley in an impressive way close to reality by depicting the laborious life of the population. It is for example demonstrated how many hectares of mountain hay were needed to feed one person and so how difficult it is to survive in barren Tirolean Alps. 

The exhibition focuses on strenuous mountain farming and the difficulties of feeding a family of mountain farmers. It aims at pointing out this type of work in the Lechtal and also to keep alive culinary traditions. Visitors can enjoy unique Tirolean culinary delights there. “Muas” porridge and “Strauben” funnel cake have always been a proper way to ease the burdens of living in the mountains.