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Lechtal Tourismus - Christoph Moosbrugger


"Food and drink keep body and soul together" - as the saying goes. But if you stick to Kneipp's health teachings, "balance" is an important component. However, this is less about prohibitions and more about creating awareness. Simple, "unadulterated" and nutritious food is therefore the key to well-being - especially when it comes to digestion. Moreover, if you notice that you have eaten, you have already eaten too much, according to Sebastian Kneipp. So here the motto is "Less i(s)st more".

As is well known, drinking is also part of a meal and so it is naturally obvious that Kneipp recommends water as the best drink. Artificially prepared beverages such as coffee, black tea or even schnapps, on the other hand, are a "no-go". But even Sebastian Kneipp had nothing against a glass of beer or wine in moderation.

In addition to a healthy and conscious diet with regional foods, we should also take the time to consume our food with pleasure and "palate pleasure.

Vitalweg Holzgau - Nutrition
Anja Ginther

von Anja Ginther

May 03, 2023


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