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Kneipp knee cast

Kneipp's health teachings are receiving more and more attention again today and with their 5 pillars - water, exercise, herbs, nutrition and inner order - offer an ingenious and comprehensive alternative healing method for us humans.

Already in ancient times, water was attributed healing properties. Kneipp's hydrotherapy includes about 120 water applications - from baths and casts to wraps and washes. Cold water plays a significant role in this.

At numerous places along the Vitality Trail, but also on the Lech, for example, you can try out invigorating Kneipp water treatments for yourself. Of course, you will always find watering cans at the streams along the Vitality Trail.

Vital path Holzgau - Knieguss

Your Kneipp-DIY - Knee kiss

The knee cast can be performed as a cold application and for less trained users also as an alternating application .

In the cold cast, the water temperature is between 10 and 14 degrees Celsius.

With the alternating cast, you start with warm water at around 38 degrees Celsius and repeat the same movement sequence with a cold water jet after treating both legs. Always end the alternating cast with the cold phase.

Perform the knee cast with the upper part of the body clothed. Use it only when your feet are warm. Cold feet should be warmed up by a rising foot bath.

Instructions for the knee cast

The movement sequence of the knee cast begins with the back of the right leg:

  • Starting from the little toe, run the stream of water down the calf to the back of the knee. Stay there for about 5 seconds in circular movements. Then let the water jet travel over the inside of the lower leg to the heel.
  • Repeat the procedure on the left leg. Continue with the front of the right leg.
  • Start again at the little toe and lead the water jet over the outside of the lower leg to the knee. Stay there for a short while in circular movements before you move the water jet down the inside of the leg.
  • Now repeat the procedure on the left leg.
  • Finally, pour water down the right and left soles of the feet. In the alternating pour, it is the turn of the soles of the feet after the last cold application.
  • Afterwards, make sure the body warms up again, for example by wearing woolen socks and walking quickly.

Tip: If you want to use the knee cast to help you fall asleep, just wipe off the water and then go straight to bed.

Important note: A light reddening of the skin after application is completely normal. If the skin turns bluish, the cast has lasted too long. People with acute kidney, bladder and heart problems should not perform the application.

Anja Ginther

von Anja Ginther

May 03, 2023


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