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Lechtal Tourismus - Christoph Moosbrugger

Sigrid Wolf

You may not always remember it this way, but at least every four years, namely when the Winter Olympics take place, we are reminded of the Olympic champions. We in the Lech Valley are particularly proud of one Olympic champion. And to be honest: Of course, we also like to brag about it. And rightly so, because Sigrid Wolf from Elbigenalp won Olympic gold in Calgary (CN) 34 years ago. But the likeable Lechtaler has certainly not lost her grip on reality. She lives and works here in the region and could not imagine a more beautiful place for herself and her family. We conducted an interesting interview with Sigrid Wolf and learned quite a bit about her life.


This year was the 34th anniversary of your Olympic victory. Since the Winter Olympics took place recently in Beijing, we wanted to ask you whether old feelings and memories were awakened in you during this time? Do you feel for the athletes and do you still empathize with their situation and feelings?
Every 4 years, of course, the memories become more current again, especially the run, the Olympic village and the award ceremony in Calgary I remember very fondly.

What did the Olympic victory do to you back then? What did this victory change in your life?
With an Olympic victory, you are naturally very much the center of attention and in the spotlight. Whether shopping or going out to eat - autograph hunters came everywhere and I was recognized everywhere. At that time, this hype had advantages, but sometimes also disadvantages - especially if you just wanted to be a private person. Now, after 34 years, it's only an issue every 4 years at the most. I also don't think that the victory has changed me as a person. I was and still am the old Sigrid and a "Duarferin" or Lechtalerin with heart and soul.

Simone Knitel_Lechtal natural handicraft

You are deeply rooted in your home, the Lech Valley, and still live in your home community. Was there ever a plan to move somewhere else in the past?
No, it has never tempted me to set up my center of life somewhere else. I never gave it a second thought. The Lechtal is a beautiful place and I consider myself lucky to live here with my family.

What do you generally appreciate about the Lech Valley and what distinguishes life in the Lech Valley for you?
Through my training as a herbalist, I have come to know our nature even better and appreciate the diversity of our plant world and the untouched nature, which is incomparable in Tyrol and can still be found in every corner of the Lechtal.

Where or how do you get inspiration? Where/how do you draw strength and where/how do you find relaxation?
I am still faithful to sports and that is how I keep fit. Working in my garden is also my balance and almost meditative for me. Another passion is, of course, herbs, which I actually collect and process throughout the year.

How do you live today and what do you do for a living?
I have a gym and give some classes like Pilates, spine training, step, etc. My brother and I also run, together, the room rental business at my parents and I rent out apartments.
A few years ago, I also completed the training as a mountain hiking guide and I offer in cooperation with the tourism association and the association Lechtal Guiding and the Lechtaler Kräuterhexenverein hiking tours. There I sometimes meet again and again great and very interested people.

What are your hobbies - where do you find your balance?
Sport is and remains my hobby. In winter I go skiing and I also like touring. In summer, hiking and biking are on the agenda.

Summer in Lechtal landscapes and nature mountain view over Grießau and Elbigenalp

In your opinion, what are the most important aspects of Lechtal tourism? Where do you see opportunities, possibilities, but also difficulties?
Gentle tourism is certainly the right way to go in the Lech Valley. Guests appreciate originality and the tranquility that can still be found in the Lechtal mountains. In my opinion, the long-distance hiking trail Lechweg is also a great enrichment in our valley and fits perfectly into the region's tourism strategy.

In winter, the Arlberg ski area is very important for our guests and a particular highlight. No question about it. Nevertheless, I also think that the cross-country ski trails in the valley would have even more potential. A valley trail along the Wild River and numerous circuits in the Lechtal villages is super. The increase in quality in this area would certainly be an opportunity - especially for the lower Lechtal.

Important links and more info from Sigrid:

Facebook: Olympic Fitness Elbigenalp AND Lechtaler Kräuterhexen.
Vacation with Sigrid: https://olgawolf.jimdofree.com

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Anja Ginther

von Anja Ginther

May 03, 2023


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