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Lechtal Tourismus - Christoph Moosbrugger

Vital path Holzgau

Kneipp reloaded
Whoever thinks that Kneipp is old-fashioned and outdated will be taught better in the Lech Valley. The vitality trail focuses particularly on the element of water. Along the way, small streams splash again and again. So health-conscious people can try out treading water in three places, each in a natural stream. Watering cans are also waiting there so that you can try out the invigorating Kneipp watering yourself.

Vitalweg Holzgau - Nature experience according to Kneipp's health teachings in the Lech Valley
Take time to breathe and linger, enjoy the panoramas and revive! Tread water in the natural stream, the earth ...

Nature experience according to Kneipp's health teachings

Treading water in the natural stream, feeling the earth on the barefoot path, smelling and tasting along the herbal nature trail, recharging your batteries at the energy spot with panoramic lounger and taking a bath in the forest bed between moss and treetops: The Holzgau Vitality Trail is based on the five elements of Sebastian Kneipp's teachings - water, exercise, nutrition, herbs and balance.

With twelve stations and information boards, there are several ways to experience Kneipp's health teachings up close in the Lech Valley. History, tradition, ancient knowledge, coupled with a precious natural landscape and pristine alpine flora and fauna, make a hike along the Vital Path an unforgettable experience and, above all, a journey to yourself.

Take time to breathe and linger, enjoy the panoramas and revive!


The vital path for children and families

On the way on the Vitalweg with LECHI, the gnome

The power of nature can be felt on the Vitalweg not only by tall hikers, but also by little ones. There is a lot to discover for families and children.

With our Lechtal mascot LECHI you can explore the Vitalweg and solve great puzzles. "Lechi and the golden watering can" is an adventure game for the whole family and interesting information is also conveyed in a playful way for children and the young at heart.

Get the free adventure booklet now and go on a journey of discovery. At the end of the game, a great surprise awaits you. You can get the adventure booklet at the Holzgau tourist information office or at the first adventure trail station in the "Bill".

Bill with Lechtaler column fence at the Vitalweg Holzgau
"Bill" - the interactive hay barn

The interactive Vitalweg exhibition "Bill" in the hay barn offers a great panorama over Holzgau, Schönau and the surrounding mountains. Here you can expect an informative and interactive exhibition about herbal wealth and history of the region.

The "Bill" was built true to detail on the site of an aging hay barn and shows the importance of mountain meadow hay for cattle in earlier times. Surrounded by a traditional Lechtal split rail fence and colorful flowering meadows, a small flax garden conveys interesting knowledge from times gone by.

Here you can immerse yourself in the past of the Lechtal and learn how flax was used in the upper Lechtal about 150 years ago.

Vital path Holzgau

Physical exercise in the fresh air reduces stress, prevents illness and promotes well-being. Even a walk, a hike or a short walk can help. The Vitalweg in Holzgau is a particularly good place to enjoy nature while "fast-walking" or "slow-jogging". Regularity and avoiding overexertion are important here. Relax mentally and breathe in and out consciously. Father Kneipp already knew about the importance of movement for our health.

Vital path Holzgau

Sebastian Kneipp knew many years ago that there is a herb for almost every ailment. His teachings on the healing properties of plants are still relevant today. At five stations along the Vitality Trail, various medicinal plants are presented and their areas of application explained. Reading or scanning the QR codes on the wooden panels or an interactive exhibition in the "Bill" provide opportunities for this.

Those who want to delve deeper into the world of medicinal plants should take part in the guided herb walks or medicinal herb workshops. Here you can learn a lot of interesting facts about the use and processing of herbs.

Vital path Holzgau

A balanced life with orderly structures is the key to physical and mental health. But in today's age of self-optimization, constant accessibility and the desire for "higher-faster-further", many people lose their balance.

To find inner balance and contentment, self-reflection is necessary. Those who set a purpose in life outside of work, eat healthy and exercise in the fresh air have already taken the first step towards happiness.

The Vitalweg offers especially energetic places to relax and unwind. Our forest bathing area with hammocks, floating net and balance course is an ideal retreat for your soul. Handmade massage trees help to release tension and gain new energy.

Vital path Holzgau

Even in ancient times, people knew about the healing properties of water. Sebastian Kneipp also discovered the healing effect of the element by chance and was able to cure diseases with it.

The Vitality Trail deals extensively with the element of water and offers the opportunity to tread water in natural streams at three points or to refresh oneself withKneipp casts.

The rippling water invites you to linger and relax. Take the opportunity and feel the healing power of water on the vitality trail!

Culinary game and slaughter bowl fig and vegetables

Father Kneipp said: Less is more. His nutritional teachings emphasize balance and awareness. Food should be simple, nutritious and regular, but in smaller portions. Water is the best drink, while artificial beverages such as coffee and liquor should be avoided.

Regional, sustainable and self-prepared food should be consumed with pleasure and palate. After a hike along the Vital Trail, Holzgau's gastronomic establishments can offer refreshment with traditional Lechtal dishes and local wild herbs. "An Guata" - Enjoy your meal in the Lechtal.


Vitality Trail Holzgau



Thematic route

National park & nature parks


Starting Point: Community centre car park

End Point: Starting point

3,90 km

01:30 h

198 hm

197 hm

1298 m

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